about kate

hi. my name is kate!

i am 29 years old, but always still a wild child at heart :)
i come from the sweet southern east coast, can make you the best sweet tea you’ve ever had
and bake a mean Georgia pecan pie!

i have lived in Seattle for almost two years and plan on staying a very long time. i love how diverse, colorful, and beautiful Washington is and how you can be whomever you want to be!

i started photographing just about everything since i was a teenager, and have been obsessed with cameras and putting smiles on peoples faces ever since. i have 8 years experience specializing in weddings alone, and i have found my passion in capturing those “once in a lifetime” moments for others to forever cherish. those are the moments we live for!

i love cats, coffee, food, traveling, a good joke, vintage cameras… but now enough about me! i want to get to know more about you!
pricing begins at $3,000 for kate herself to document your special day. for kate and a trusted associate photographer together as a team, pricing begins at $4,000.

(family, professional/headshots, modeling)
pricing begins at $500, and includes 2 outfit changes and location of your choice.

every event is special in its own unique way, so please contact us for more pricing on other photography services!